Sewing the Bettine


Well it's May and everyone has been showing off their makes, I've felt so unproductive! So today is all about my single make so far this month (were only halfway through) the Bettine by Tilly and the Buttons patterns.

We have some great budget chambray (£8 a meter!)  in our store and I debated between 3 different patterns to use it with, so I put the question to Instagram- because that's what you do in 2016 right? 

So I put it out there and it came back that I should make the Bettine, which I was glad for as I wanted an easy fast sew (I say fast.. it took a month!) . The only problem I wish I could foresee was that I ate too many biscuits between cutting the pattern and making the pattern.

I traced all my pieces using Swedish Tracing paper, and this is why I do this, as I had to re trace the size again when I messed up the bottom half. 

The bodice came together really easily and quite fast. What I really do want the more dress making I do is an overlocker, my zig zag is ok, but it really needs overlocking.

I did the pocket version , because for me a pocket is essential in all of my clothing. I like walking around looking cool and nonchalant with my hands in my pockets. The first version all came together well, and then I had to put the elastic in...but as you do, I left it, and came back to it a few weeks later (I'm terrible, to be fair the room  sew in was getting moved around so there was stuff everywhere!)

So it's a few weeks later, and I thought best to try on the pieces before I sewn it all together. The top was fine, but I wish I knew what happened (biscuits) to the bottom, because that was snug. As you can see on the picture above (the lines at the bottom are the give away). I didn't want to make the whole front panel again so I just took the back off and made it a size bigger. It worked, it looks a bit hippy. If I make it again, I'll make it less fish tail at the bottom .


This is brilliant for anyone just starting out in sewing world, there are no zips or buttons or anything like that. Although I was slightly flummoxed by how to insert the elastic, I have inserted elastic into skirts before , but for some reason I over complicated he instructions,  this was just down to me being a bit thick. Next I'd like to make this in our polka dot chambray and make it a bit more luxurious. 

In store news

We have lots of new patterns in store including the Sudley and Darling from Megan Nielsen, the Ruby by Made by Rae and our first kids patter the Geranium also Made by Rae. We will get to know them all this week. Until then enjoy the Great British Sewing Bee which kicks off this evening!