What are we about?

So what's it all about then? Here we gather for the love of glorious modern fabric and fresh modern independent patterns. We're trying to create a place that is helpful to beginner dressmakers. Like me really.

Born out of frustration at the end of 2015 I was a quilter who had a bad fabric obsession. All I could see around me was dated twee designs and novelty prints. Most of the fabric that I found heart stopping  was all overseas. I couldn't have been the only person in the country in the same boat. 

So enough of that! We have developed a beautiful range of high quality, quirky and more unusual and sometimes difficult to come by designs from the likes of  Cotton+ Steel, Tula Pink, Robert Kaufman, Dear Stella, Kokka to name a few. We are a twee free zone, stocking only the freshest, modern fabrics and stand behind everything we stock, loving every piece of fabric from the first cut till the end of the bolt.

Like me, your mum may not have taught you how to sew and at school you only made a cushion and some fugly tie dye t-shirt. But now you want to make some amazing dresses because the shops either don't have the right style or they are like 80 quid, forget that. Can't be that hard to make your own? You'd be right! 

Once you have the basics down it's pretty easy, but what can be a minefield is trying to find all the right stuff online. Awesome suitable fabrics, amazeballs patterns and all the other bits that you need, should be easy yeah? It is now and about time! We suggest great fabric for your patterns, or great patterns for your fabric. It's handy then that we are fabric obsessed. OBSESSED.

We're also here for the quilters, bag makers and all craft-sters in-between, here for the good of all sewists everywhere, no matter what skill level... You're here, you're one of us.

Hopefully there is something here for everyone! Ask any question and if I don't know the answer I will find out for you. No question too big, small or irrelevant .

Please share all your makes & purchases on our social media sites. We like to see what becomes of our fabric once it's flown the coop!

If you think there is something we should stock, or if you are an independent designer and think that your designs could rock out with the Crafty Mastermind then please email us at ahoyahoy@craftymastermind.co.uk

We are based in Canterbury in the UK but deliver to the world.

And while you're here, have a lil' listen to the playlist while you shop, for the full CM experience. It's what we would be playing if you were standing amongst a bricks and mortar shop.

Also check out thecraftymastermind.wordpress.com for everything else we get up to that may not always be sewing related!

The Crafty Mastermind is all outta twee but were rockin' the cool.