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Phone orders

Yes we do take phone orders! You can either call us on 07871648938 or you can email us at ahoyahoy@craftymastermind.co.uk letting us know what you would like to order and your phone number and we will call you!


You say potato... As we're based in the UK all of our measurements use the metric system of millimetres, centimetres, and metres. All good, but a lot of our fabric patterns come from across the pond, so when you're trying to work out fabric quantity it may leave you feeling like you need a maths degree. We have included a conversion chart to help with all the fabulous patterns we stock which are all in yards and inches.



We sell in Fat Quarters, if you order more than one unit of fabric we will cut your order in a continuous piece. Order 2 units to receive ½ metre of fabric, 3 units to receive ¾ metre of fabric and 4 units to receive 1 metre of fabric and so on.

Crafty Mastermind how we cut


Most of our fabric will measure up as follows:

1 Fat Quarter = 50 cm x 56 cm

2 Fat Quarters = 50 cm x 112 cm

3 Fat Quarters = 75 cm x 112 cm

4 Fat Quarters = 100 cm x 112 cm

Some of our dressmaking fabric is wider at 148cm (noted in the listing), so keep that in mind whilst trying to work out how much fabric you need for your project. 


What is a Fat Quarter?

This is the cut we use when selling single units of fabric. They measure at  56 cm wide x 50 cm long which is a quarter of a metre. This is used in quilting as a fat quarter gives you a nice coverage of a repeat pattern as opposed to a skinny quarter which is long and thin. 

This is a great way to get small selections of fabric and you can use this for all sorts of different projects. Quilts, bags, cushions, bunting or whatever you can imagine. To give you an idea of how much you can get out of one lil' fat quarter here is a handy chart.



What size am I?

Although you should always measure yourself to get your exact measurements some of our patterns have a size chart on them in U.S sizes. Here's another handy chart.

Should I wash my fabric?

There are fabrics that will benefit from a wash more than others. If you forgot to wash a medium weight quilting cotton and you're using it for a bag or in quilting, it wouldn’t be the sewing world’s biggest disaster. 

But if you forget to wash dressmaking fabrics it's potentially shrink city baby! I speak from linen experience. You do not want to have to add an extra 10% fabric to each bit of cut piece because halfway through you forgot to wash your material. It makes your end product look weird. 

Save yourself time and tears , pre-wash and air dry your fabric.



We ship with Royal Mail locally and use Royal Mail for International orders, unless your order is particularly large or  are ordering rolls of Swedish tracing paper then we use my hermes service. We aim to ship within one to two working day of ordering. Please go to our shipping page for more information here.



We accept payments of all major credit cards via Stripe. This is a safe and secure way to process card payments. For more information please see our privacy policy. We also are now accepting payments via Pay Pal and Apple Pay.  



We ask that when you pre-order new fabric that you keep the collections/months of release separate. For example if two collections are due in August they are fine to order together. If collections from different months are ordered together (eg. July and September) we will ship them all together when the final pieces have arrived. If current stock is ordered with pre orders we will also hold the order and only ship when it all arrives.  We also take payment straight away for all pre orders, this is the easiest way for our system to manage orders. 

Sometimes collections are delayed by our distributor, we will try to get as much information to you when this occurs. 

If you have any pre order questions, please drop us a line!


We no longer offer samples. If you have any questions about our fabric please drop us an email.

Bricks and Mortar?

We are an online store only. We do not have any open days or are available for appointments.

We do attend some local quilting fairs in Kent , due to table sizes we can't bring everything- if you would like to order something and collect it at one of our stalls please get in touch.  Also if you would like us at one of your event’s please get in touch.

If you would like to know where we will be next be sure to follow us on instagram for up dates.