Cassettes n' Lace- Heart Melodies by AGF Studio


Cassettes n' Lace- Heart Melodies by AGF Studio


Can I make you a mix tape? It will have all sorts of awesome tracks on it, and the the machine will chew it up and you will need pencil to rewind it.

What has that got to do with this? Nothing much- I just need a place to talk about it. But this fabric is rockin' and would look great in a skirt , all over a quilt or in a pillow for a fellow music fan (and comes with little TDK logos in the corner of each cassette).

Art Gallery medium weight cotton is more lighter than a quilting cotton and closer to shirting kind of fabric. 

The Lowdown

Collection Heart Melodies

Designer AFG Studios

Company  Art Gallery Fabrics

Fabric Medium weight cotton/ 112 cm wide

We sell this fabric by quarter metres, there are 4 of these in a metre. If you would like a metre pop 4 in the quantity box. Orders of more than 1 will be cut in a continuous length.

1 quarter measures 50cmx56cm

2 quarters (half metre) 50cm x 112 cm

3 quarters 75 cm x 112cm

4 quarters (Metre) 100cm x 112 cm

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