Sunny Forest- Whistle by Jenny Ronen


Sunny Forest- Whistle by Jenny Ronen


Whistle your way through the day with Jenny Ronen Whistle collection .This is a beautiful medium weight organic cotton.

The Lowdown

Designer  Jenny Ronen

Collection  Whistle

Made By  Birch

Fabric  Organic medium weight cotton/ 112 cm wide 44”

We sell this fabric by quarter metres, there are 4 of these in a metre. If you would like a metre pop 4 in the quantity box. Orders of more than 1 will be cut in a continuous length.

1 quarter measures 50cmx56cm/2 quarters (half metre) 50cm x 112 cm

3 quarters 75 cm x 112cm/4 quarters (Metre) 100cm x 112 cm

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