Out To Sea in Blue -S.S Bluebird


Out To Sea in Blue -S.S Bluebird


This beautiful ship scene has an old weary sailor feel to it. Telling tall tales and ship shantys on board. Awesome for all sorts of sea faring projects.

Medium weight cotton is great for quilting, dressmaking , bag making and that's only the beginning, the world is your oyster!

The Lowdown

Designer Cotton + Steel

Collection S.S Bluebird

Made By Cotton + Steel

Number 8018-01

Fabric  Medium weight cotton/ 112 cm wide

We sell this fabric by quarter metres, there are 4 of these in a metre. If you would like a metre pop 4 in the quantity box. Orders of more than 1 will be cut in a continuous length.

1 quarter measures 50cmx56cm

2 quarters (half metre) 50cm x 112 cm

3 quarters 75 cm x 112cm

4 quarters (Metre) 100cm x 112 cm

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